Policy for PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) Time Ė May 2005


PPA time is an entitlement for all teachers contracted to work in the school. Each of these members of staff is entitled to 10% of the teaching timetable as non-contact time. This time must be taken in blocks of 30 minutes or more and these blocks cannot be taken during assembly, breaks, lunchtime, before or after school. It is a statutory requirement which all schools must implement.

What is the purpose of this initiative?

To improve work/life balance

By allowing teachers more time in school time to prepare, plan and assess work so that less of this work needs to be completed at home

To raise standards

By facilitating professional dialogue between teachers

By allowing time for teachers to moderate assessments and share ideas and practice relating to planning, preparation and assessment of work

By the school being able to employ subject specialists to teach classes when teachers are taking PPA time.

PPA is an aspect of Workforce Reform, which includes the re-allocation of a range of tasks to clerical staff within the school.

What is the time to be used for?

The time is to be used for the preparation, planning and assessment of pupilís work.

There are a large number of documents that are in the office regarding the rationale and implementation of PPA time produced by DfES, the Durham Remodelling Team and National Remodelling Team. These are kept in the office and are available for consultation.

Where should it take place?

It is the policy of this school, that where there is a suitable workplace available, PPA should take place in the school building.

The purpose of this policy is:

To facilitate professional dialogue between teachers of the same keystage who are given PPA at the same time.

To enable the effectiveness of PPA time to be assessed by the headteacher

There may be occasions, for example due to the lack of a suitable workplace, when a teacher may wish to tale PPA time at home or elsewhere that is not on the school site. This is entirely at the discretion of the headteacher.

Which adults will be working in classes during PPA time?

This will need to be reviewed at least annually depending on the organisation of classes; the availability of staff to take PPA as well as budgetary constraints. However at September 2005-6, the model is as follows:


Class R/1/2

Class R/1//2 will be covered by 2 classroom assistants from 10.50am to 2.15pm. This allows 2 blocks of time in which the job share teachers will take their PPA time. This promotes dialogue between both job-share teachers should they wish to meet at lunchtime during the changeover period.


Teacher 1 teaching Morning Break Teacher 1ís PPA time from end of morning break until lunchtime Lunch Teacher 2ís PPA time from end of lunchtime to afternoon break Afternoon Break Teacher 2 teaching

Class 3/4 and Class 5/6

In both these classes, subject specialist teachers will teach the classes, while the class teachers are taking their PPA time. The subject specialist teachers will be teaching essentially French and Music during this time, although there may be additional smaller blocks of time available for reading, story etc.

This will work as follows:

Thursday afternoon

  12.55pm to 2.15pm   2.30pm to 3.30pm
Class 3/4 French subject specialist Music subject specialist
Class 5/6 Music subject specialist French subject specialist

Both class teachers will take their PPA during the whole of Thursday afternoon.

HB May 2005